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Recorded in kitchens, garages, and studio apartments all across the country, drummer of Uh Huh Baby Yeah and pop culture enthusiast Sean Thriller Smith takes on the wild world of podcasting with "Sean Vs. Wild". Party with Sean as he sits down with up-and-comers, current stars, and legends in the fields of music, movies, modeling, art, and entertainment to discuss life on the road, argue over movies, and deliver insights to influence and inspire others to follow their dreams. All while enjoying a cold beverage or two. Tune In and Wild Out!
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Sep 12, 2017

If you are in the music industry, or are interested in working in the music business, then Episode 39 is the podcast for you! Today Sean sits down with Jen Appel, CEO of Catalyst Publicity Group and Professor at Florida Atlantic University, in the midst of a hurricane to discuss the music industry. Jen explains the DOs and DONTs of business, what the role of a publicist entails, when in your career you would need a publicist, how to go about submitting your information the right way, the state of the music business, and how to always maintain a positive outlook on life. Later on the show, they discuss the sixth anniversary of the Catalyst Publicity Group, Jen's time representing Uh Huh Baby Yeah, and Sean rants about coffee. Prepare yourself for a wealth of positivity and insider knowledge on this week's episode of The Sean Vs. Wild Podcast!

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