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Recorded in kitchens, garages, and studio apartments all across the country, drummer of Uh Huh Baby Yeah and pop culture enthusiast Sean Thriller Smith takes on the wild world of podcasting with "Sean Vs. Wild". Party with Sean as he sits down with up-and-comers, current stars, and legends in the fields of music, movies, modeling, art, and entertainment to discuss life on the road, argue over movies, and deliver insights to influence and inspire others to follow their dreams. All while enjoying a cold beverage or two. Tune In and Wild Out!
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Apr 26, 2017

Join us for the exciting conclusion of our two-part conversation with Kevin Fletcher, singer of Uh Huh Baby Yeah! and long time friend/business partner/fellow party animal. Pick up where we left off last week and hear the guys discuss their musical project Creatures, touring, bands that influenced them, Uh Huh Baby Yeah!, Warped Tour, their last show, what they're up to now, and of course, their thoughts on Surf Ninjas and the Nintendo Switch. All to the soundtrack of more tracks from their musical vault. Tune in, turn up, and get wild on Episode 13 of the Sean Vs Wild Podcast!

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